Shipping Restrictions

Please note that Airline companies have reduced their size specifications and are refusing to take items longer than 1.5m which has drastically effected shipping and shipping rates to Europe with our local Express Postal service which we have been using over 10 years.

Due to newly announced maximum 1.5m  long restriction (3m girth overall) we only can ship certain items with our local Express Postal service at reasonable shipping rates across Europe i.e. fenders, spoilers, lights, bootlids and doorpanels
BUT any items over 1.5m such as Aerokits, Bumpers, Sideskirts, Bonnets, Underpanels and GT Wings may need to go on a PALLET(s) (dependent on make up and quantity of ordered items and how they stack in a box or on a pallet)
UNLESS you wish to pay, what we think is outrageous Volumetric weight rates/prices, then sure we can source the best price on shipping your order the normal way. For delivery of single items for example a pair of side skirts on their own, then we can get a quotation for you with a reputable courier service that will hopefully take fiberglass car panels over 1.5m but again it will may cost quite a bit to delivery, I can suspect.

Another solution to speed up delivery a order that contains items which longer than 1.5m and possibly reduce shipping costs would be if you or someone you know or even a company you work for has a good business relationship with a reputable courier service i.e. DHL. UPS, TNT etc. They maybe willing to organize collection of your order from our stores on receipt and clearing of payments with both ourselves and the chosen courier. But again that depends if that chosen courier will take delivery fiberglass car panel for delivery.

With the nature and makeup of fiberglass car panels, it is important to state that they can and do get knocked around while in transit. We highly suggest that you always inspect your goods thoroughly on receipt of delivery and report any damages right away. If your goods are damaged, you’ll have to make the on the spot decision to either send them back with the postal service/courier as damaged goods or decide to keep damaged items and get your body shop to repair. It is regrettable but that is the nature of these items and price we have to pay to get our vehicles looking original.

We hope this information is clear and helps you make a decision to order items from Origin Europe.